Line Up Announcement

Hello!  And welcome to A Furious Hope.

It's been a long wait, I know.  Longer than I had anticipated.  There have been many surprises since I first launched the idea via social media towards the end of last year, not least the incredible support for this small and simple idea.

As the book comes together, I wanted to share with you the poets and writers involved in the project.  The choices were not easy.  But I am incredibly humbled to have such a breadth of quality responses, and cannot wait to share the results with you in the next couple of months.

As we near the launch, there will be a couple of surprises.  Good ones, I promise.  But for now, here's a list of the brilliant authors who have allowed me to share their work in the anthology, and ultimately, with you.

(P.S. we're now taking pre-orders for the anthology, so please consider buying a copy.  You'll be guaranteed to receive it before it goes on general release).

The Line Up

Carole Bromley
Mandy Huggins
Elizabeth Hopkinson
Seth Crook
Stephen Bone
Richard Skinner
Mandy Macdonald
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough
Glyn Edwards
Angela Readman
Stephanie Hutton
Ariel Dawn
Julian Dobson
Victoria Briggs
Cynthia Miller
Lorette C. Luzajic
Santino Prinzi
Sharon Larkin-Jones
Christopher Stanley
Claire Booker
Fiona J. Mackintosh
Walburga Appleseed
Beth Mcdonough
Catherine Ayres
Laura McKee
Cath Bore
Jon Stubbington
Mab Jones
Jason Jackson
Charles Lauder
Derwen Morfayel
Matt Bryden
Jane Blanchard
Harry Gallagher
Kathy Gee
Niamh MacCabe
Jane Roberts
Charlotte Ansell
Sue Hubbard
Astra Bloom
Susan Taylor
Elizabeth Gibson
Martin Figura
Helen Ivory
John Mccullough
James Bell
Ben Norris
Linda Irish
Harry Man
Alex Reece Abbott
Julia Webb
Richie McCaffery
Melissa Lee-Houghton


A Furious Hope

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